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Ken’s was born in 2001 with the aim of helping people in what for many is already a challenge: learning English permanently.

At the core of its educational programs, is Ken’s special focus on international experiences for the purposes of linguistic and cultural immersion. Students of all ages, schools and teachers, secure places on Ken’s specially designed programs each year, with programs constantly evolving to adapt to the increasing demand of multilingualism in a changing world. 

With nearly 20 years’ experience in the sector, we are specialists in international education, operating as trusted partners with school districts across Canada.

We expertly advise and guide parents and students on the planning and execution of our academic programs, with the objective to achieve the best development of personal character, academic and vocational competence of all students.

Thanks to our magnificent team of multi-lingual professionals and global citizens that make up Ken’s, we develop high quality programs centered on the necessities of each student, carefully designed to break down any and all obstacles to learning a new language.

Ken's Education Group

We are more than a company focused on selling foreign language immersion programs. We are a closely-knit team, who believe in empathy, values, integrity and work of the highest standard. We are specialists on Canada. Through our collective efforts and brilliant partners, we have sent nearly one thousand students abroad to fulfill their dreams and meet their objectives: to speak English and change the course of their lives.


In 2001, Ken’s education group was born, the brainchild of David Jarque, a young, unconventional and curious teacher who returned to Spain from Ireland with a single objective: to bring English language teaching into his city of Teruel, using a new methodology, in a more a relaxed and attentive environment where students were able to express themselves freely.

International Programs

Since the beginning, Ken’s has been famous for its trips abroad with outstanding student support in the classroom. We understand the importance of linguistic immersion and work hard to design high quality programs for all of our clients; teachers, students, companies and families, building year upon year, the quality of our program offerings.

Specialists on Canada

With the inclusion of integrated Canadians into our Company, Ken’s offers a programs closely aligned to its principles and values. Canada has become the heart centre of our immersion programs that stand out for their multi-culturalism, social consciousness and alignment to the needs and wishes of our schools, parents and students.

The Team

Our team is made up of professionals of diverse nationalities, a special feature that reflects our multi-cultural character and influences from Spain, Canada, UK, and Ireland. Like members of a large family, we work in small and dedicated team, focused on the well-being and experience of our clients. Honesty, empathy, integrity courtesy are core pillars we hold dear.

Our Clients

Brave, adventurous and free-thinking. These qualities define all of our clients, clients who with the passage of time, become like close friends. At Ken’s, no one goes unnoticed or is treated like a number. Each of our clients has a name, a dream, his or her own unique character, and above all a heart and soul.

Why Ken's?

We are not selling smoke and mirrors.


We dont sell programs to lazy or unmotivated students./strong>

We want you to learn English and discover all the doors that will open when you speak a language fluently, surpass intermediate level and confidently overcome the fear of speaking publicly. There is only one way to achieve this: effort, immersion and expert guidance. After just one year in Canada, we promise that your life will change radically.

We are not a large international company with hundreds of programs in multiple countries.


We are not a company where you are seen as just a number.

We only want to work with people that we can put a face to, whose truth, needs, wishes, goals and interests we know. In this way we can guarantee to create high quality progams and thoughtful individual student placements that look after you and 100% focused on your needs.

International Programs
Trained Teachers
Scholarships and Bursaries
Partnering Countries

Ken's: Education based on values


We know, show and walk the path dictated by our conviction.

Our decision-making is firm, as is our commitment to delivering all that we set out to achieve. We consider ourselves leaders, as our actions inspire others to dream bigger, achieve more and reach their goals.


Our motto is sincerity and transparency.

We believe in truthfulness as the base from which to build trust, acting in a consistent way with all people, all of the time.


We look ahead, anticipate client needs, strategically plan and operate in an accountable and organized fashion.

We accept full responsibility to answer on everything we do. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


The success of our organization is built by us.

We are a group of professionals, united by the same interests and values, that strive every day to create a better world. Working as a team gives us strength, courage and motivates us to meet our set objectives.


We understand the importance of treating each person with kindness, respect and offering them the very best of who we are.

Treating clients with kindness and empathy is one of the pillars of our company, a business focused on friendship, relationships, people and their interests.


We consider the quality of our programs as an established standard of our company.

With a relentless desire to continously learn and improve, we constantly evaluate our work in order to offer our clients the very best of ourselves.


A positive attitude can move mountains.

As such, we look to the future with optimism, overcoming obstacles and finding solutions to problems that arise. Belief, hope and hard work allow us to realize our dreams.


Each day is a new opportunity to become better versions of ourselves and learn more.

This is our profesional philosophy; we overcome to grow. We qare committed to the world and living by our values. Without effort and stretching ourselves, it not possible to develop and reach our goals.


Respect and tolerance towards others is an essential value necessary for the global world that we live in.

In our organization, we live these values to create a better society, where liberty and equality are reflected in our ideals.


We believe in a world without borders, a universe that holds the richness of thousands of cultures that co-exist within it.

Our work ensures that linguistic barriers are not an obstacle to the pursuit of freedom and knowledge.

Work With Us

Canadians with university degree or diploma

Our team is different, we are creative, compromised, we think out of the box. We enjoy working as a team and we strive to meet our client’s needs. If you think you fit our profile, please contact us!

We would love to meet you and welcome you to our little family.

Teachers-Private Language Schools-Flexi-Time Monitors

Our team is unique… we are curious, creative, unconventional and dedicated creativos. We love working in a team and work hard to get to know each of our clients. If you believe you fit our work culture and team profile, please get in contact with us!

If you have a group of students that wish to embark upon a linguistic program in Canada, we will help you manage and facilitate promotional marketing, work contracts, paid expeneses for monitors, 24 hour telephone line, all support logistics and quaity guarantee for all of our programs.

If you already have a language school and your objecitve is to expand the commercial market, we will provide you with support logistics, continuous learning and all the necessary marketing to carry out your business project. You decide your direction!

Host Families in Spain

If you are a Spanish family and wish to host an international student in your home, we will share all important information and guide you through each of the required steps to carry out this fantastic and enriching experience.

Being a host family, you will get to know different customs and cultures and gain many extra benefits, including making international friends in a simple, natural and secure way.

In addition, you can choose the profile of student that you wish to host, the duration of the program, and tne program type that suits the needs of your family.

At Ken’s we know how important and reassuring it is to hear about the experiences of students who have studied in Canada and trusted in us. For this reason, before deciding, we will put you in contact with both students and parents so they can tell you all about their program experiences first hand.

Just 3 steps to register!

Personal Interview

Request an appointment for a Personal Interview with one of our academic assessors. They will advise you on the linguistic, cultural and academic program best suited to your needs and interests.


Fully complete the registration form and contract.

Submit the rest of the information online and pay conveniently, using our payment platform.

We will help you...

By giving you wings:

You will learn English comprehensively, investing your time and money in the best possible way. In all of our programs, everything is included, with no hidden extras.

By looking after you:

You are not just another number. We will look after you throughout the program. You will have a personal advisor, a 24 hour hotline and Ken’s monitor who will meet you at the airport to accompany you.

By offering the one course for you:

You won’t go crazy choosing from hundreds of programs. Ken’s will design and offer a single program that best suits your needs.

By guiding you through the experience of a lifetime:

To speak a language is to live it. The activities and experience you will participate in will help you mature, alter your perspective and how you see life, the world and your place in it.

"Two roads diverged in the woods. I chose the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference."

Robert Frost
The Road Not Taken

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